GAYA Filmes, headquartered in Brasília / DF, was founded in 1992 with the mission of producing audiovisual content of social and environmental relevance with excellent quality.

Searching for inspiring stories and addressing sensitive and necessary themes, GAYA Filmes creates films and series with a keen eye for our time, accessing both the lay public and the leading experts on the issues in focus.

In this line, we work within the genre "educational entertainment" (edutainment), mixing the historical with the contemporary in a way that, to the same extent, instigates the senses, broadens the consciousness, overflows the feelings and entertains.


Our audiovisual works play a relevant social role, with engagement and partnership with segments of society, in order to guide themes, expand discussions, question paradigms, access ancestry and take a bold and assertive position.

We do all this by uniting feelings, cognition, aesthetic sensitivity, collective experience and a team committed and passionate about what they do.

This is GAYA Filmes!