Documentary - 13 x 26 min - [Finalizing]

Liberators establishes a dialogue between a 17th to 19th century Brazil, founded on slave labor, and a supposedly "free" 21st century Brazil. Each one of the 13 episodes follows the story of a black historical character from the pre-Abolition period, whose narrative is paralleled through a contemporary character. Liberators is an impactful series that testifies to the historical permanence of old and revamped prejudices and discrimination– still embedded within the structure of Brazilian society, even 130 years after the Abolition.

Direction Renato Barbieri, Juliana Borges
Producer Renato Barbieri
Script Marilda Donatelli, Tom Farias, Mariana Luisa, Francine Barbosa
Executive production Leila Chagas
Production GAYA Filmes
Distribution TV Cultura

Aqui na Gaya Filmes você encontra a peça LIBERATORS por um preço baixo e alta qualidade.

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