Longa Doc - [Finalizing]

Feature-length documentary about the Austrian naturalist Johann Natterer, a member of the Austrian Expedition who accompanied the then Archduchess Leopoldina on her visit to Brazil in 1817. Of the members of the Austrian Expedition, Natterer spent the longest time in Brazil: 18 years in total, resulting in an impressive collection of more than fifty thousand objects, henceforth comprising the largest ethnographic collection on Brazilian indigenous peoples. Historian Kurt Schmutzer follows the path taken by Natterer 200 years ago, accompanied by indigenous leader Hans Munduruku – who discovers, in a Vienna museum, the cultural heritage of his ancestors.

Direction Renato Barbieri
Producer Renato Barbieri
Script Victor Leonardi, Andrea Fenzl, Neto Borges, Rodrigo Borges, Renato Barbieri
Original Idea Victor Leonardi
Executive production Andrea Fenzl, Mariangela Furtado, Natália Brandino, Walder Junior
Production GAYA Filmes
Distribution O2 Play

Aqui na Gaya Filmes você encontra a peça NATTERER 'S TREASURE por um preço baixo e alta qualidade.

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