Documentary - 2019 - 72 min

Feature-length documentary on contemporary slave labor, with a focus on the Brazilian Amazon. Rural workers who were enslaved on deforestation fronts in northern Brazil and contemporary abolitionists of different strands relate their experiences and opinions in this film. Although working conditions analogous to slavery are considered a crime under the Brazilian Penal Code, the regime of serfdom has been practiced in Brazil for five centuries. The Áurea Law might have formally abolished slavery, though it did not transform labor relations in Brazil, many of which have endured as modern forms of enslavement. Narrated by Negra Li, SERVITUDE is a hard- hitting record of one of Brazil’s most serious issues.

Direction Renato Barbieri
Producer Renato Barbieri
Script Renato Barbieri
Executive production Renato Barbieri
Narration Negra Li
Production GAYA Filmes


“Best Documentary Feature-film” - 15th Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival



52° Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro – Mostra Território Brasil
12th Festival Internacional Amazônida de Cinema de Fronteira - FIA CINEFRONT
7th LECYT - Festival de Cine y Televisión "Reino de León" (Espanha)
12th The Râșnov Film and Histories Festival (Romênia)
15th Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival
14th Marda Loop Justice Film Festival (Canadá)
6ª Edição do Festival Amazönia Doc
29th International Festival of Ethnological Film (Sérvia)
7th Festival de Cine Latinoamericano de Quito, FLACQ
24º Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival (Estados Unidos)
7º Festival de Cinema de Caruaru
15th Harlem International Film Festival (Estados Unidos)
Santos Film Fest
43° Festival Guarnicê de Cinema
14th Alexandria Film Festival (Estados Unidos)
11° Utopia Festival (Reino Unido)

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